Purpose-built Adventure (ADV) motorcycles are becoming increa-singly popular for touring and sport-touring. ADV bikes sport many features ideal for racking up miles on any terrain – large wheels, long travel suspension, upright seating and good fuel range to name a few.

While touring can be done on any motorcycle, by design adventure motorcycles offer comfort, performance and versatility that make long-distance travel more enjoyable, and often times safer.

The main competition from HONDA, BMW, KTM, DUCATI, YAMAHA

All adventure bikes are only a starting point.

It makes a huge difference whether you are 1.55m or 2.05m tall and weigh 50kg or 130kg. The geometry of Your arms is as much impor-tant as the length of Your inseam. The height of your seat, the distance to your footpegs, the shape of your handlebars and much more – these are all factors that influence on the control of your motorcycle and can therefore directly affect your driving style, comfort and ultimately your safety.

What can we do for You?

We are a group of highly experienced race engineers and professional pilots. For decades we have built and modified motorcycles – and have taken them to the most remote locations on this planet. We offer to our clients four different levels of upgrade for their adventure and dual-sport motorbikes. Each level is highly customizable and the result of long tests and tough control. Give us a call, You will not regret it!

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We are passionate about motorcycles. We like touring, we love travel.


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